We are completely heartbroken by the news on the afternoon of Thursday, September 21, that the symphony has declared bankruptcy.

However, we are so grateful for the astounding amount of support we've received - financial and otherwise - from all around the country in the past few days. Our work isn't done - we will continue to make music in the community and explore all options available to us to keep our orchestra alive. We want to reiterate that the GoFundMe campaign is run by the musicians, not the KWS board or management. Continued support to our campaign is greatly appreciated. Please continue to donate to all of these musicians whose jobs could not be saved.

Right now we aren't interested in pointing fingers or assigning blame - we are focused on finding a way to save the orchestra we all love. We don't know right now what can be done, but we are going to figure it out and we are going to do it. KWS has been performing for the people of Waterloo Region for 78 years. We are not going to stand by and watch it vanish in the blink of an eye.

We are working tirelessly to help the musicians in our orchestra and to continue to bring music to you. We are parents of small children. We are new members who have recently relocated from across the country. We are long-serving musicians who have dedicated our lives and careers to this community. We don't know when or if we will see another paycheque.

For everybody who has offered words of support in the crisis, we wholeheartedly appreciate it. Knowing that musicians and music lovers across the Region, the country and world care so deeply about the musicians of the KWS has truly been an inspiration. Wherever this journey leads, we hope you will stay with us.

Update - November 8th, 2023

We continue to be humbled and honoured by the generosity and support we have received from our community, friends and fellow musicians. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for standing with us as our story unfolds. 

We are exploring all options for rebuilding a new organization which can continue to enrich our community through music. Proceeds from this fund will continue to further the welfare of our musicians as we move forward. 

Again, thank you. The strength you continue to give us cannot be understated.

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